Call number: DVD-3751

WIENE, Robert
Orlacs Hände [The Hands of Orlac]

Berolina Film GmbH, Pan Films, 1924
Screenplay: Louis Nerz, from the novel Les Mains d'Orlac by Maurice Renard
Photography: Günther Krampf, Hans Androschin
Production design: Stefan Wessely
Music for this edition: Paul Mercer

Paul Orlac 		Conrad Veidt
Yvonne Orlac 	        Alexandra Sorina
Old Orlac		Fritz Strassny	 
Servant		        Paul Askonas	 
Regine 		        Carmen Cartellieri		
Dr Serral		Hans Homma	 
Nera 			Fritz Kortner
113 minutes
English titles only

Region code
Aspect ratio
Languages English titles only
Features New HD transfer from a restored 35 mm print
Licensed by Transit Film and the Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Stiftung
Scene comparison of three scenes with commentary and accompanying extracts from the novel
About the restoration (text, in English)
Film notes by John T. Soister (text, in English)
Gallery of images
Source Kino International

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