Call number: DVD-3749

Emil und die Detektive [Emil and the Detectives

Universum-Film A.G. (UFA), Berlin, 1931; premiere 2 December 1931, Berlin
Producer: Günther Stapenhorst
Screenplay: Billy Wilder, Paul Frank
Adaption: Erich Kästner, Emeric Pressburger, from the novel by Erich Kästner
Photography: Werner Brandes
Production design: Werner Schlichting
Music: Allan Gray

The hairdresser Frau Tischbein 	        Käthe Haack	 
Her son Emil Tischbein		        Rolf Wenkhaus	 
Emil's grandmother			Olga Engl	
Pony Hütchen 			        Inge Landgut	
Grundeis, the man in the bowler hat 	Fritz Rasp	
Wachtmeister Jeschke		        Rudolf Biebrach	 
The Detectives:
Gustav with the horn		        Hans Joachim Schaufuss	
The Flying Deer			        Hans Richter	
The Professor			        Hubert Schmitz	
Deinstag				Hans Albrecht Löhr	
Mittenzwey				Waldemar Kupczyk	
Gerold 				        Ernst Eberhard Reling
69 minutes
In German with optional English subtitles


ROSMER, Milton
Emil and the Detectives

Richard Wainwright Productions, 1935
Screenplay: Frank Launder, Billy Wilder
Adaption: Cyrus Brooks, from the novel by Erich Kästner
Dialogue: Margaret Carter
Producer: Richard Wainwright
Photography: Mutz Greenbaum, Commander G.O.D. Stretton
Production design: D.H. Daniels
Music: Allan Gray

Emil Blake 		              John Williams	 	
Sam Pinker, the man in the bowler hat George Hayes	 	
Mrs Blake		              Mary Glynne	 	
Grandma		                      Clare Greet	 	
PC			              George Merritt	 	
Polly			              Marion Foster	 	
The Detectives:
Gussy			              Donald Pittman	 	
Professor 		              Bobby Rietti
Tuesday		                      John Singer	 	
Jerry 			              Derek Blomfield
60 minutes
In English without subtitles

Region code 2
Aspect ratio 1.33:1
Languages Optional English subtitles
Features English adaptation from 1935 (restored) (see above)
Source BFI

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