Call number: DVD-3748

Die Unehelichen [Illegitimate Children] [Children of No Importance]

Gerhard-Lamprecht-Film-Produktion GmbH (Berlin), 1926; premiere 6 September 1926, Berlin
Producer: Gerhard Lamprecht
Screenplay: Luise Heilborn-Körbitz, based on official documents of the Association for the Protection of Children against Exploitation and Abuse
Photography: Karl Hasselmann
Production design: Otto Moldenhauer
Optional music for this edition: Donald Sosin

Peter 			Ralf Ludwig	
Paule 			Alfred Grosser	
Lotte 			Margot Misch	
Frieda			Fee Wachsmuth	
Skipper Lorenz 	        Bernhard Goetzke	
Frau Berndt 		Hermine Sterler	
Zielke 		        Max Maximilian	
Frau Zielke 		Margarete Kupfer	
Tailor Martens 	        Eduard Rothauser	
Frau Martens 	        Elsa Wagner	
Miller			Paul Bildt	
His wife		Käte Haack	
Lotte's mother          Lilli Schönborn	
Commissar		Hugo Flink	
Policemen		Ernst Behmer, Karl Platen
96 minutes
German titles with optional English and French subtitles; silent or with added music track

Region code 2
Aspect ratio 1.33:1, 4:3
Languages Optional English and French subtitles
Features Optional new music track
Source Edition Filmmuseum, 77

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