Call number: DVD-3747

Die Verrufenen (Der fünfte Stand) [Slums of Berlin (The Fifth Estate)]

Gerhard Lamprecht-Film-Produktion der National-Film A.G. (Berlin), 1925; premiere 28 August 1925, Berlin
Producer: Gerhard Lamprecht
Screenplay: Luise Heilborn-Körbitz, based on the experiences of Heinrich Zille
Photography: Karl Hasselmann
Production design: Otto Moldenhauer
Optional music for this edition: Donald Sosin

Robert Kramer	        Bernhard Goetzke	
His father		Paul Bildt
Emma	 		Aud Egede Nissen	
Gustav		        Arthur Bergen	
Regine Lossen	        Mady Christians
Her brother		Christian Bummerstedt
Rottmann		Eduard Rothauser	
Gerda			Hildegard Imhoff
The housekeeper	        Margarete Kupfer
Frau Heinicke	        Frida Richard	
The laundress	        Frigga Braut	
Her husband		Georg John	
Livestock trader	Rudolf Biebrach
Klatte			Aribert Wäscher
Tailor			Robert Garrison
His wife		Maria Forescu
Rag seller		Max Maximilian
His wife		Sylvia Torf
Homeless men	        Paul Günther, Rudolf del Zopp
113 minutes
German titles with optional English and French subtitles; silent or with added music track

Region code 0
Aspect ratio 1.33:1, 4:3
Languages Optional English and French subtitles
Features Optional new music track
Source Edition Filmmuseum, 77

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