Call number: DVD-3742

PABST, Georg Wilhelm
Geheimnisse einer Seele [Secrets of a Soul]

Neumann-Film-Produktion GmbH (Berlin), in co-operation with Universum Film A.G. (Ufa) - Kulturabteilung (Berlin), 1926
Producer: Hans Neumann
Screenplay: Colin Ross, Hans Neumann
Photography: Guido Seeber, Curt Oertel, Walter Robert Lach
Production design: Ernö Metzner
Music for this edition: Ekkerhard Wölk

Factory chemist N.		Werner Krauss	 
His wife			Ruth Weyher	
His mother			Ilka Grüning	
His cousin			Jack Trevor	
Doctor				Pawel Pawlow	
Assistant			Hertha von Walther	
Servant			        Renate Brausewetter	
Detective			Colin Ross
75 minutes
English titles only

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Languages English titles only
Features Friedrich Wilmhelm Murnau Stifftung edition
Film notes (text, in English)
Source Kino International

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