Call number: DVD-3741

PABST, Georg Wilhelm
Die freudlose Gasse [The Joyless Street]

Sofar-Film-Produktion GmbH, Berlin, 1925
151 minutes
German titles with optional German and English subtitles

On 2 DVDs

This is DVD 2, containing the extras listed below:

Der andere Blick [The Other Eye]
A film about the life and work of Georg Wilhelm Pabst
River Lights Pictures, USA, Thalia Film, Austria, 1991; revised DVD version 2009
Directors: Hannah Heer, Werner Schmiedel
Script: Hannah Heer, Werner Schmiedel
Photography: Hannah Heer
Narrators: Hannah Heer, Werner Schmiedel
With the participation of: Rudolph S. Joseph, Anne Friedberg, Harold Nebenzal, Francis Lederer, Heide Schlüpmann,
Freddy Buache, Jean Oser, Jan-Christopher Horak, Henri Alekan, Micheline Presle, Michael Pabst, Hilde Krahl,
Aglaja Schmid, Carl Szokoll, Herbert G. Luft
111 minutes
In German, English, Czech and French with optional German and English subtitles


Pabst wieder sehen [See You Again, Pabst]
A film about the reconstruction of Die freudlose Gasse made by Wolfgang Jacobsen, Martin Koerber and René Perraudin
With the participation of: Jan-Christopher Horak, Klaus Volkmer, Nicola Mazzanti
20 minutes
In German and French with optional German and English subtitles


Outtakes and intakes. Die freudlose Gasse
This feature includes fragments from the Deutsche Kinemathek collection and 2 scenes from the Russian version of the film from the Gosfil´mofond copy
14 minutes
German and Russian titles


Erinerrungen von Regieassisten Mark Sorkin [Memories of the Assistant Director Mark Sorkin]
49 minutes
German audio only


Texts, documents and archive materials as ROM features, playable on a computer

Region code All
Aspect ratio 1.33:1, 4:3
Languages Menu languages: German and English
Optional German and English subtitles
Features See above
Source Edition Filmmuseum

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