Call number: DVD-3734

LANG, Fritz
Der müde Tod [Destiny]

Decla-Bioscop A.G. (Berlin), 1921
Producer: Erich Pommer
Screenplay: Thea von Harbou, Fritz Lang
Photography: Fritz Arno Wagner (Venetian, Oriental and Chinese episodes), Erich Nitzschmann (Old German episode), Hermann Saalfrank (Old German episode)
Production design: Walter Röhrig, Hermann Warm, Robert Herith
Music for this edition: Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra

Death				  Bernhard Goetzke	
The Girl			  Lil Dagover	
The Groom			  Walter Janssen	
The Notary			  Max Adalbert	
The Doctor			  Wilhelm Diegelmann	
The Bürgermeister 		  Hans Sternberg	
The Pastor 			  Carl Rückert	
The Teacher			  Erich Pabst	
The Apothecary		          Karl Platen	
The Grave-digger		  Paul Rehkopf	 
The Tailor	 		  Hermann Picha	
The Nightwatchman		  Max Pfeiffer	
The Beggar 			  Georg John	
The Mother 			  Grete Berger	
The Landlady 		          Lydia Potechina	
The Caliph 			  Eduard von Winterstein	
The Caliph's sister Zobeide	  Lil Dagover	
The Frank			  Walter Janssen	
Zobeide's familar Aisha 	  Erika Unruh	
Dervish			          Rudolf Klein-Rogge	
The Gardener El Mot	          Bernhard Goetzke	
Girolamo 			  Rudolf Klein-Rogge	
Mona Fiametta		          Lil Dagover	
Francesco 			  Walter Janssen	
The Messenger 		          Lothar Müthel	
Girolamo's first familiar	  Edgar Pauly	
The Nurse	 		  Lina Paulsen	
The Moor 			  Louis Brody	
The Emperor of the Middle Kingdom Karl Huszar-Puffy	
The Magician A Hi		  Paul Biensfeldt	
Tiao Tsien			  Lil Dagover	
Liang 				  Walter Janssen	
The Emperor's archer	          Bernhard Goetzke	
The Chancellor of the Exchequer   Max Adalbert	
Hangman			          Paul Neumann	
Old Woman			  Marie Wismar	
Workman			          Karl Harbacher	
Small businessman		  Walter Werner	
Girolamo's second familiar        Hellmuth Hiemstra
Eunuchs			          Erner Hübsch, Victor Hartberg
99 minutes
English titles only

Region code 1
Aspect ratio 1.33:1
Languages English titles only
Features Colour tinted
Restored from a master print of the French reissue version, Les Trois Lumières, with additional intertitles translated from the German censor records
Source Image Entertainment

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