Call number: DVD-3664

The Soviet Influence. From Turksib to Nightmail

Dual format edition: DVD and Bluray disc

This is Disc 2, the DVD

This collection contains:

TURIN, Viktor
Vostok-Kino, Alma Ata, 1929
Script: Viktor Turin
Photography: Evgenii Slavinskii, Boris Frantsisson
English version created by: John Grierson
Music for this edition: Guy Bartell
75 minutes
English intertitles only


The Workers' Topical News No. 1
Atlas Film Company, 1930
Sponsor: Federation of Workers' Film Societies
Photography: W. Mumford
Editor: Ralph Bond
Music for this edition: Neil Thomas
4 minutes, 37 seconds
In English


Australian Wines
1931 Sponsor: Empire Marketing Board Film Unit
Director: Paul Rotha
Music for this edition: Neil Thomas
2 minutes, 38 seconds
In English


Shadow on the Mountains
Empire Marketing Board Film Unit, 1931
Producer: John Grierson
Director: Arthur Elton
Music for this edition: Neil Thomas
20 minutes, 11 seconds
In English


The Country Comes to Town
Empire Marketing Board Film Unit, 1933
Producer: John Grierson
Director: Basil Wright
Photography: Basil Wright, Germain Burger
Advisor: Robert Flaherty
Music for this edition: Neil Thomas
21 minutes, 17 seconds
In English


The Face of Britain
Gaumont-British Instructional, 1935
Director: Paul Rotha
Photography: George Pocknall, Frank Bundy
Sound: W. Elliott
Narrator: Arthur John Cummings
Music for this edition: Neil Thomas
18 minutes, 23 seconds
In English


Night Mail
GPO Film Unit, 1936 Producer: Basil Wright, with John Grierson
Director: Harry Watt
Photography: Jonah Jones, H.E. (Chick) Fowle
Assistant director: Pat Jackson
Editors: Basil Wright, Richard McNaughton
Verse: W.H. Auden
Music: Benjamin Britten
Sound direction: Alberto Cavalcanti
22 minutes, 30 seconds
In English

Region code 2
Aspect ratio 1.85:1
Languages Optional English subtitles for the hard of hearing
Features Dual format; DVD and Blu-Ray
32 page booklet, including new essay, 'From Turksib to Nightmail' by Henry K. Miller
Film selection and chapter selection on Turksib
Source BFI

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