Call number: DVD-3641

GOLD, Jack
Red Monarch

An Enigma Production for Goldcrest, for Channel 4 1983
Producer: Graham Benson
Executive producer: David Puttnam
Screenplay: Charles Wood based on the short stories of Iurii Korotkov
Photography: Mike Fash
Production design: Norman Garwood

Stalin			      Colin Blakely
Beria 			      David Suchet	 	
Ellen Brown 		      Carroll Baker	 	
Shaposhnikov 	              Ian Hogg	 	
Sergo 			      David Kelly	 	
Sopha 			      Jean Heywood	 	
Vasily 			      David Threlfall	 	
Lee 			      Lee Montague	 	
Vlasek			      Glynn Edwards	 	
Molotov 		      Nigel Stock	 	
Voroshilov 		      Wensley Pithey	 	
Krushchev		      Brian Glover	 	
Kaganovitch 		      George A. Cooper	 	
Malenkov 		      Peter Woodthorpe	 	
Mikoyan		              Freddie Earlle	 	
Zamorsky 		      Gawn Grainger	 	
Mekhlis		              Oscar Quitak	 	
Vovka			      Bernard Gallagher	 	
Svetlana		      Jane Galloway	 	
Lukov 			      Tim Preece	 	
Projectionist		      George Costigan	 	
Mao Tse-tung 	              Fred Lee-Own	 	
Chairman of Physical Eduction Malcolm Terris	 	
Nina 			      Eileen Helsby	 	
Seraphima 		      Susan Carpenter	 	
Akhmet 		              Paddy Joyce	 	
Housekeeper 	              Virginia Balfour	 	
Olga 			      Ceri Jackson	 	
Young Josef		      Darren Gordon
Little Masha 		      Flora Page
101 minutes
In English without subtitles

Region code 0
Aspect ratio 4:3
Languages No subtitles
Features Sign Language, directed by Oscar Sharp, 4 minutes 58 seconds, in English
Source Guerilla Films. The Forgotten Classics Collection

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