Call number: DVD-3499

Rasputin. The Mad Monk
Twentieth Century-Fox presents a Seven Arts - Hammer Production, 1965; released 6 March 1966
Producer: Anthony Nelson Keys
Screenplay: John Elder
Photography: Michael Reed
Production design: Bernard Robinson
Music: Don Banks
Grigori Rasputin	Christopher Lee
Sonia 			Barbara Shelley
Dr Zargo 		Richard Pasco
Ivan 			Francis Matthews
Vanessa 		Suzan Farmer
Peter		 	Dinsdale Landen	 	
Tsarina 		Renée Asherson	 	
Innkeeper 		Derek Francis	 	
The Bishop 		Joss Ackland	 	
Tsarevitch 		Robert Duncan	 	
Patron 			Alan Tilvern	 	
The Abbot 		John Welsh	 	
The Physician 		John Bailey
92 minutes
In English with optional English subtitles
Dual play

This is the Blu-Ray disc

Region code B
Aspect ratio 2.35:1 or 2.55:1
Languages English subtitles for the hard of hearing
Features Fully restored
Alternative play in 2.55: 1 version
Commentary, featuring Christopher Lee, Francis Matthews, Barbara Shelley and Suzan Farmer
Tall Stories: The Making of Rasputin the Mad Monk, in English, 24 minutes, 21 seconds
Brought to Book: Hammer Novelisations, in English, 14 minutes, 32 seconds
World of Hammer: 'Costumers', in English, 24 minutes, 47 seconds
Stills Gallery
Source Studio Canal

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