Call number: DVD-3484

Crime and Punishment in Suburbia
A Killer Films Production for United Artists, 2000
Producer: Pamela Koffler, Larry Gross, Christine Vachon
Co-producer: Dara L. Weintraub
Associate producer: Sara Rose
Screenplay: Larry Gross, loosely based on the novel Crime and Punishment by Fedor Dostoevskii
Photography: Bobby Bukowski
Production design: Ruth Ammon
Music: Michael Brook
Roseanne Skolnick 	Monica Keena	 	
Maggie Skolnick 	Ellen Barkin	 	
Fred Skolnick		Michael Ironside	 	
Vincent 		Vincent Kartheiser	 	
Jimmy 			James DeBello	 	
Chris 			Jeffrey Wright	 	
Bella 			Conchata Ferrell	 	
Coach 			Marshall Teague
Cecil 			Nicki Aycox	 	
Dean 			Christian Payne	 	
Teacher 		Anthony C. Chow	 	
Stuck up girl 		Bonnie Somerville	 	
Vincent's mom		Lucinda Jenney	 	
Mr Dwyer 		Jim Boyce	 	
Counselor Lord 		Matt Champagne	 	
Moznick 		Blake C. Shields
Rat Fink neighbour 	Jim Swanson	 	
Officer Lambert 	Tommy Perna	 	
Chief Judson 		Tommy Bush	 	
Grandmother 		Susan Davis	 	
Calvin Berry 		Brad Greenquist	 	
Bailiff 		Dennis Liss	 	
Judge Jack 		Jeff Lawrence	 	
Prosecutor 		Valerie Wildman	 	
Russ 			Jack Angel
94 minutes
In English without subtitles
Region code 2
Aspect ratio 1.85:1
Languages No subtitles
Features Trailer
Source Pathé

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