Call number: DVD-3479

The Soviet Influence Volume 2: Potemkin / Drifters

Consisting of:

Bronenosets Potemkin [The Battleship Potemkin]
Goskino (First Factory), 1925; released 18 January 1926
Screenplay: Nina Agadzhanova-Shutko, Sergei Eizenshtein
Production manager: Iakov Bliokh
Assistant director: Grigorii Aleksandrov
Director's assistants: Aleksandr Antonov, Mikhail Gomorov, Aleksandr Levshin, Maksim Shtraukh
Photography: Eduard Tisse
Production design: Vasilii Rakhal´s
Music for this edition: Edmund Meisel (1926)

Vakulinchuk				Aleksandr Antonov
Lieutenant Giliarovskii			Grigorii Aleksandrov
Captain Golikov  			Vladimir Barskii
Matiushenko, a sailor			Mikhail Gomorov
Petty Officer				Aleksandr Levshin
Officer					Marusov
Recruit					I. Bobrov
Woman with pig				Iuliia Eizenshtein
Woman with pram				Beatrice Vitodli
Aba, the boy killed on the Steps	A. Glauberman
His mother 				Prokopenko
Sailor with no legs			Korobei
Teacher with pince-nez			N. Poltavtseva
Student					Zelenin
Odessa Revolutionary 			Konstantin Fel´dman
Anti-Semitic provocateur		Glotov
Woman on the Steps			Repnikova
With: Maksim Shtraukh, Andrei Fait
69 minutes
Russian titles, optional English intertitles


Empire Marketing Board Film Unit for New Era Films, 1929
Photography: Basil Emmott
Editor: John Grierson
Music for this edition: Jason Singh
41 minutes
English intertitles


Granton Trawler
GPO Film Unit, Empire Marketing Board Film Unit, for New Era Films Ltd., 1934
Photography: John Grierson
Editor: E.H. Anstey
Sound: Alberto Cavalcanti
Sound recording: E.A. Pawley
11 minutes
In English without subtitles


LYE, Len
Trade Tattoo
GPO Film Unit, 1937
Producer: John Grierson
Music: The Lecuona Band
Music editor: Jack Ellitt
Sound: Visatone-Marconi
6 minutes
In English without subtitles


WATT, Harry
North Sea
GPO Film Unit, 1938
Producer: Alberto Cavalcanti
Editor: R.Q. MacNaughton
Music: Ernest Meyer
Set design: Edward Carrick
32 minutes
In English without subtitles

Double play edition. This is the Blu-Ray disc

Region code B
Aspect ratio 1.33:1
Languages Optional English intertitles on The Battleship Potemkin
Tinting on Drifters
Features Film and chapter selection
Source British Film Institute

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