Call number: DVD-3453

Wallenberg. A Hero's Story
Dick Berg-Stonehenge Productions, Paramount Television, 1985
Producer: Richard Irving
Executive producer: Dick Berg
Co-producers: Lamont Johnson, Phillip I. Levitan
Associate producer: Neal Nordlinger
Teleplay: Gerald Green, from the book Lost Hero: The Mystery of Raoul Wallenberg, by Frederick E. Werbell and Thurston B. Clarke
Photography: Charles Correll
Production design: Michael Stringer
Music: Ernest Gold

Raoul Wallenberg 		Richard Chamberlain
Baroness Lisl Kemeny		Alice Krige
Adolph Eichmann 		Kenneth Colley	
Sonja Kahn			Melanie Mayron	 	
Baron Gabor Kemeny		Stuart Wilson	 	
Maria 'Maj' Wallenberg		Bibi Andersson	 	
Per Anger			David Robb	 	
Nikki Fodor			Mark Rylance	 	
Teicholz			Ralph Arliss	 	
Jacob Wallenberg		Keve Hjelm	 	
Vilmos Langfelder		Jimmy Nail	 	
Tibor Moritz 			Olaf Pooley	 	
Hannah Moritz			Georgia Slowe	 	
Admiral Miklos Horthy		Guy Deghy	 	
Dieter Wisleceny		Curt Lowens	 	
Rabbi Mandel			Bruce Purchase	 	
Colonel Laszlo Ferenczy		Relja Basić	 	
Kalman Lauer			Peter Capell	 	
Captain Bator			Tom Ormeny	 	
Colonel Ferencz Szalasi		Aubrey Morris	 	
Danielsson			Thomas Hellberg	 	
Rabbi Preiss			Ferdy Mayne	 	
Olsen				Don Fellows	 	
Von Fremd 			Peter Karsten
1st SS Sergeant			Werner Pochath	 	
2nd SS Sergeant			Vili Matula	 	
Marta				Lena Olin	 	
Schmidthuber			Charles Brauer	 	
Rotha 				Venco Kapural
Narrator 			Per Anger
93 + 95 = 188 minutes
In English with optional English subtitles
Region code 2
Aspect ratio 4:3
Languages Optional English subtitles
Features Part 1 Recapitulation
Part 2 Preview
Source Revelation / CBS films

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