Call number: DVD-337

JANCSÓ, Miklós
Csend és kiáltás [Silence and Cry]

Mafilm, 1967
Producers Lajos Kiss, András Németh
Screenplay Gyula Hernádi, Miklós Jancsó
Photography János Kende
Art direction Tamás Banovich
Costume design Zsuzsa Vicze
Music arranged by Zoltán Toldy

Istvan			András Kozák
Kemeri			Zoltán Latinovits 
With:			Andrea Drahota, József Madaras, Mari Törocsik
74 minutes
In Hungarian with optional subtitles

Region code 1
Aspect ratio Anamorphic Widescreen Edition
Languages Optional English, French and Spanish subtitles
Features Jancsó documentary 'Jelenlet' [The Presence, The Second Presence, The Third Presence], three parts, 1965, 1976 and 1986, total running time 30 minutes
Director's filmography.
Source 21st Century DreamQuest Films

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