Call number: DVD-3357

PABST, Georg Wilhelm
Die Büchse der Pandora [Pandora's Box]
Nero-Film, Berlin, 1929; released 30 January 1929
Producer: Georg C. Horsetzky
Screenplay: Ladislaus Vajda, based on the play by Frank Wedekind
Photography: Günther Krampf
Production design: Andrej Andrejew, Gottlieb Hesch
Music for this edition: Peer Ruben
Lulu					Louise Brooks  
Dr. Ludwig Schön    			Fritz Körtner  
Alwa Schön    				Franz Lederer  
Schigolch    				Carl Goetz  
Rodrigo Quast 				Krafft-Raschig  
Countess Augusta Geschwitz    		Alice Roberts  
Charlotte Marie Adelaide von Zarnikow   Daisy D'ora  
Jack the Ripper    			Gustav Diessl  
Marquis Casti-Piani   			Michael von Newlinsky  
The Stage Manager    			Siegfried Arno
133 minutes
Contains both the German version:
German intertitles, silent with added music score
and the English version:
German intertitles AND English intertitles, silent with added music score
Region code 0
Aspect ratio 4:3
Languages Optional English version with added English intertitles
Features Full length restored version
Louise Brooks: Looking for Lulu, directed by Hugh Munco Neely, 1998, 60 minutes, in English
Source Second Sight

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