Call number: DVD-3261

Detstvo Gor´kogo [Gor´kii's Childhood] [The Childhood of Maxim Gorky]
Soiuzdetfil´m, 1938; released 18 June 1938; restored 1977
Screenplay: Il´ia Gruzdev, from the first part of Maksim Gor´kii's autobiographical trilogy
Photography: Petr Ermolov
Production design: Ivan Stepanov
Music: Lev Shvarts
Aleksei Peshkov/Maksim Gor´kii   	Alesha Liarskii
Akulina Ivanovna, his grandmother	Varvara Massalitinova
Kashirin, his grandfather		Mikhail Troianovskii
Varvara					Elizaveta Alekseeva
Iakov					Vasilii Novikov
Mikhail					Aleksandr Zhukov
Grigorii, a craftsman			K. Ziubko
Little gypsy				Daniil Sagal
"Khoroshee delo", the neighbour		Sergei Tikhonravov
Len´ka					Igor´ Smirnov
The 'friendly gang'			B. Rodkevich, N. Pogodin, V. Maslakov, A. Korneev, A. Lebedev
Iakov's Sasha				E. Mamaev
Mikhail's Sasha				V. Khoroshenchikov
96 minutes
In Russian with optional English subtitles

On 2 DVDs

This is DVD 1, the Hyperkino version with Russian or English commentary

Commentary to this edition: Jeremy Hicks

Region code All
Aspect ratio Standard
Languages Menu languages: Russian and English
Optional English subtitles
Features Russian or English Hyperkino version: 34 commentary points by Jeremy Hicks, text, in Russian or English, plus some illustrations and film extracts; this material available either while watching the film or separately
Source Ruscico Kino Academia, 6

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