Call number: DVD-3210

Broadview TV, with 2DF, English version by SBS Australia, 2003
Producers: Susanne Feikes, Leopold Hoesch
Music: Enjott Schneider
Narrator of English language version: David Ritchie
Part 1: The Attack, directed by Sebastian Dehnhardt and Jorg Müllner

52 minutes


Part 2: The Pocket, directed by Sebastian Dehnhardt and Christian Deick
54 minutes


Part 3: The Doom, directed by Sebastian Dehnhardt and Manfred Oldenburg
53 minutes

Total running time: 52 + 54 + 53 = 159 minutes
English narration with some German and Russian with English subtitles

Region code 2
Aspect ratio 16:9 Widescreen
Languages English narration with some English subtitles
Features Episode selection
Source STAX

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