Call number: DVD-3208

HOPKINS, Ben, in collaboration with Ekber Kutlu
37 Uses for a Dead Sheep. The Story of the Pamir Kirghiz
A film about the Pamir Kirghiz and their exile in Eastern Turkey
Tigerlily Films for the BBC and Arte, France, 2006
Producers: Nikki Parrott, Natasha Dack, Ben Hopkins
Executive producer for the BBC: Nick Fraser
Commissioning editor: Christoph Jorg
Photography: Gary Clarke
Production design: Seda Orsel
Music: Paul Lewis
85 minutes
In English and Kirghiz with English subtitles

Region code 0
Aspect ratio 16:9 FHA
Languages English subtitles
Features Footprints, directed by Ben Hopkins, Geissendörfer Film und TV Producktion, Tigerlily Films, 2002, 42 minutes 30 seconds
"Footprints" interview with Ben Hopkins, 13 minutes
"37 Uses" interview with Ben Hopkins, 18 minutes "37 Uses" outtakes, 1½ minutes
"The Market" trailer
"The Market" alternative trailer
Source Tigerlily Films

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