Call number: DVD-32

PUDOVKIN, Vsevolod
Potomok Chingiz-Khana [Storm over Asia]
Mezhrabpom-fil´m, 1928; released 10 November 1929; restored 1964 and 2001
Screenplay: Osip Brik, from a story by Novokshonov
Photography: Anatolii Golovnia

Amogalan, a trapper        			Valerii Inkizhinov
His father	                   		I. Inkizhinov
English Colonel, head of the occupying forces	A. Dedintsev
His wife					L. Belinskaia
Their daughter					Annel´ Sudakevich
Partisan commander        			Aleksandr Chistiakov
Mr Smith, head of the English trading company	Vladimir Tsoppi
English soldier					Karl Gurniak
English soldier					Boris Barnet
Missionary					V. Pro
Lama						F. Ivanov
Narrators					Lev Slavin, Vladimir Gonchukov
125 minutes
Silent with music score by Timothy Brock, performed by the Olympia Chamber Orchestra
English intertitles

Region code 1
Aspect ratio 4: 3
Languages English intertitles
Features Fully restored by David Shepard and digitally remastered; 'Introduction to Storm Over Asia' (text, 4 minutes).
Thirty eight minutes longer than the sound version released on video by Hendring.
Source Eureka

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