Call number: DVD-3032

The Complete Fritz Lang Mabuse Box Set

Disc 2

LANG, Fritz
Dr. Mabuse, der Spieler. Part 2. Inferno. Ein Spiel von Menschen unserer Zeit [Dr. Mabuse, the Gambler. Part 2. A Game of People of our Time]
Uco-Film der Decla-Bioscop, 1922; premiere 26 May 1922, Berlin
Producer: Erich Pommer
Screenplay: Fritz Lang, Thea von Harbou, from the novel by Norbert Jacques
Photography: Carl Hoffmann
Production design: Otto Hunte, Erich Kettelhut, Karl Stahl-Urach, Karl Vollbrecht
Music for this edition: Aljoscha Zimmermann

Dr Mabuse				Rudolf Klein-Rogge 	 	
Cara Carozza, the dancer		Aud Egede Nissen 	
Countess Dusy Told			Gertrude Welcker 		
Count Told				Alfred Abel 	
State Prosecutor Norbert von Wenck	Bernhard Goetzke 	
Edgar Hull				Paul Richter 		 	
Spoerri					Robert Forster-Larrinaga 	 	
Georg, the Chauffeur 			Hans Adalbert von Schlettow
Pesch					Georg John 	 	
Hawasch					Karl Huszar 	 	
Fine, a servant				Grete Berger 	 	
Karsten					Julius Falkenstein 	 	
The Russian				Lydia Potechina 	
Emil Schramm 				Julius Herrmann
116 minutes
German intertitles, optional English subtitles

On 2 DVDs

This is DVD 2, containing Part 2 of the film and the extras listed below

Total running time of the film: 272 minutes

Region code 2
Aspect ratio 1.37:1
Languages Optional English subtitles
Features New, officially licenced transfer from restored materials
Newly translated English-language subtitles
Newly recorded feature-length audio commentary by David Kalat
Three video pieces:
'Mabuse's Music', an interview with the composer of the restoration score, 13 minutes, in German with optional English subtitles
'Norbert Jacques, the literary inventor of Dr. Mabuse', 9 minutes, in German with optional English subtitles
'Mabuse's Motives', an examination of the film's motifs in the context of German silent cinema, 30 minutes, in German with optional English subtitles
32 page booklet featuring vintage reprints of writing by Lang
Source Eureka

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