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Landmarks of Early Soviet Film

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Dom na Trubnoi [The House on Trubnaia]

also known as Parasha
Mezhrabpom-Rus´, 1928; released 4 September 1928
Screenplay: Bella Zorich, Anatolii Mariengof, Viktor Shklovskii, Vadim Shershenevich, Nikolai Erdman
Photography: Evgenii Alekseev
Production design: Sergei Kozlovskii
Music for this edition: Robert Israel

Parania Pitunova, a housemaid  		Vera Maretskaia
Marisha, a maid				Anel´ Sudakevich
Fenia, a housemaid and a delegate	Ada Voitsik
Golikov, a hairdresser			Vladimir Fogel´
Madame Golikova				Elena Tiapkina
Semen Bivalov, a chauffeur		Vladimir Batalov
Liadov, a tenant from the sixth floor  	Sergei Komarov
Uncle Fedia				Aleksandr Gromov
Manager of Club				Vladimir Ural´skii
With: Petr Baksheev, Boris Barnet
85 minutes
Russian titles with optional English subtitles


Po zakonu (Troe) [By the Law/ Dura Lex] (The Three)

Goskino (Pervaia fabrika), 1926; released 3 December 1926
Screenplay: Viktor Shklovskii, from the Jack London story 'The Unexpected'
Photography: Konstantin Kuznetsov
Production design: Isaak Makhlis
Music for this edition: Robert Israel

Edith Nelson			Aleksandra Khokhlova
Hans Nelson, her husband   	Sergei Komarov
Michael Dennin, a murderer    	Vladimir Fogel´
Datchey				Porfirii Podobed
Herke				Petr Galadzhev
78 minutes
Russian titles with English subtitles

Region code 0
Aspect ratio 1.33:1
Languages Optional English subtitles on Dom na Trubnoi
English subtitles on Po zakonu
Features Booklet
New digital mastering by Bret Hampton on Po zakonu
Speed correction, digital cleaning, image stabilisation and audio layback on Dom na Trubnoi at Lobster Film Studios, Paris
Chapter selection
Source Flicker Alley

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