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Namedni. Nasha era 1961-2003. Entsiklopediia sovetskoi zhizni [Recently. Our Era 1961-2003. An Encyclopedia of Soviet Life]
Episodes for 1997-2000
Telekompaniia NTV, 2004
Director: Dzhanik Faiziev
Author and presenter: Leonid Parfenov
Script for these four episodes: Denis Gorelov, Iuliia Varentsova, Leonid Parfenov, Andrei Shilov
Music: Sergei Chekryzhov

Marinina's detective stories; the sequestration of the budget, the revaluation; revolt of investors in Albania; Tamagochi; cloning, Dolly the sheep; independent Chechnia; The International Monetary Fund, Michel Camdessus; Minister Kovalev in the bath-house; To the fashion designer Anatolii Klimin; Boris Nemtsov; Hong Kong returned to China; The monument to Peter the Great in Moscow; the sale of Izvestiia and Komsomol´skaia Pravda; A new post No. 1 for the Guard of Honour, by the grave of the unknown soldier; the death of Okudzhava; Kasparov loses to a computer; the death of Princess Diana; the cruiser Peter the Great; Tyson bites Holyfield; the Kul´tura TV channel; the Left in power in Europe; drug addiction; Moscow celebrates 850 years; Russkoe radio; an accident on Mir, the Pathfinder Mars probe; the Union of Writers; An AN-124 crashes in Irkutsk; the Asian financial crisis; Mumii Troll´
42 minutes
In Russian without subtitles

Baltika beer; John Paul II in Cuba; Kliment´ev elected mayor of Nizhnii Novgorod; Demonstration dispersed in Latvia; Viagra; the retirement of Chernomyrdin, Kirienko becomes Prime Minister; Daimler-Chrysler, the sale of Rolls Royce; miners on the rails; the burial of the Royal Family; hurricane in Moscow; the dynastic marriage of the children of Akaev and Nazarbaev; Titanic, Di Caprio; the President of Lithuania is an American; nuclear tests in India and Pakistan; Lebed is Governor; the Rolling Stones in Moscow; the August crisis; the International Space Station; Pinochet arrested in England; cheap caviar; Two Hamlets; The World Chess Championships in Kalmykia; Klinton and Lewinski; Football - the rise of the clubs, the failure of the national team; the murder of Starovoitova; Mikhas´ in Geneva; MTV, Beavis and Butthead
43½ minutes
In Russian without subtitles

Ulitsy razbitykh fonarei; The deaths of Arab kings; Kafel´nikov as No. 1; the Kurds and Abdullah Ocalan; Generation "P"; war in Yugoslavia; Skuratov; Sibirskii tsitiul´nik; Fire at the Samara Internal Affairs Police Department; Earthquakes in Greece and Turkey; Pushkin's bicentenary; football joys and sorrows; petrol crisis; the Mir Space Station; the year of three Prime Ministers; dioxin chickens and poisoned coca cola; forest fires; "The Family"; solare eclipse; the first holiday after the default; the death of Raisa Gorbacheva; the prices of Zhigulis and mobile phone come down; Farbi toys; explosions in Buinaksk, Moscow, Volgodonsk, Dagestan; the Second Chechen War; the year 2000; the millennium bug; Khrustalev, mashinu!; Bank of New York; elections to the State Duma; the song 'Ubili negra' by Zapreshchennye barabanshchiki; El´tsin's retirement
54 minutes
In Russian without subtitles

Brother 2; The Bishops Synod and the canonisation of Nicholas II; The division of Microsoft; Ukraine steals Russian gas; the Queen Mother is 100; the Concorde crash; Nikolai Baskov; the Second Chechen War; Kramnik become World Chess Champion; explosion under Pushkinskaia Square; Putin's first year; crazy prices for footballers; Ostankino fire - three days without the tower; Boris Akunin's detective novels; mass poisoning by mushrooms in Voronezh; battle against the oligarchs; the defeat of Miolosevic in Yugoslavai; the loss of the Kursk; the "Dear Team" is 11th in the World Hockey Championships; Alsu and Zemfira as popular stars; internet shops; the end of the Clinton era; Marat Safin; holidays in the Crimea; Zhores Alferov wins the Nobel Prize for Physics; the Russian National Anthem
41 minutes
In Russian without subtitles

Region code All
Aspect ratio 2.33:1 Full screen
Languages No subtitles
Features Episode and chapter selection
Source Lizard

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