Call number: DVD-2929

Namedni. Nasha era 1961-2003. Entsiklopediia sovetskoi zhizni [Recently. Our Era 1961-2003. An Encyclopedia of Soviet Life]
Episodes for 1993-1996
Telekompaniia NTV, 2004
Director: Dzhanik Faiziev
Author and presenter: Leonid Parfenov
Script for these four episodes: Denis Gorelov, Iuliia Varentsova, Leonid Parfenov, Andrei Shilov
Music: Sergei Chekryzhov

Pop videos; Russia is a country you can leave: Russian Smirnoff vodka; Secondhand foreign cars, car trips; Presentations; The yes-yes-no-yes referendum; the Davos Forum, Switzerland - elite abroad; Gerashchenko's financial reform, new notes; young people washing cars; a rift in world chess; compact discs; CDs instead of LPs; Aliev is President of Azerbaidzhan; the Islamic Countries of the SNG; Snickers, Bounty and Mars; The State Security Committee; killers, the murder of bankers; the housing market, estate agents, European house makeovers; Herbalife; General Lebed´ as a politician; the sex industry; Russian national unity, Barkashov; domestic technology; "Rutskoi's Cases"; Presidential Decree No. 1400, the shooting of the White House; TV-6; NTV; The "White Brotherhood"; Guest workers; Tennis is a royal sport; a new constitution; the State Duma; Khakamada, a "new Russian" woman; Michael Jackson in Moscow
47½ minutes
In Russian without subtitles

Fashion shows, supermodels; El´tsin moves to Krylatskoe; colour photography; the death of Kim Il-sung; the Gazel´; the marriage of Pugacheva and Kirkorov; MMM; Otari Kvantrishvili; supermarkets; war and famine in Ruanda; roller skates; foreign holidays; Kuchma and Lukashenko; the return of Solzhenitsyn; Pravda splits; the removal of troops from Germany; A-310 and the Estonia steamer; pagers; El´tsin asleep in Ireland; fake firms; Nirvana and Kurt Cobain; new car numbers; war in Chechnia; the Vlastelina and Bank Chara financial scandals; the death of Ayrton Senna; Peter Stein's Oresteia; Black Tuesday; the murder of Dmitrii Kholodov; cards and ATM machines; the National Hockey League stars in Russia; Aldrich Ames - a Russian spy in the CIA; Clubs; Elizabeth II of England in Moscow; Tarantino
48½ minutes
In Russian without subtitles

Advertising, "Sidorov"; Aum Sinrike, earthquake in Japan; the dismissal of Grigorovich; small scale markets; criminal deputies; the fashion for basketball; smoking pluralism; our men on the Shuttle; List´ev; the YU-204; the cartoon Gagarin; new dollars; 50 years since the end of World War Two; an Oscar for Burnt by the Sun; underground vodka, tax labels; Solonik and Iaponchik; Nemtsov and Zhirinovskii covered in juice; Budennovsk; Kafel´nikov and Chesnokov; 'A person of Caucasian nationality'; Kukly on NTV; the literary fashion for Russian blockbusters; NATO spreads East; Bratva; Iliumzhinov made president of the World Chess Federation; earthquake in Neftegorsk; the Moscow building boom; the murder of Rabin; elections to the State Duma; the groups Agata Kristi, Chizh i kompaniia and Nogu svelo! - "unserious" rock music
47½ minutes
In Russian without subtitles

Teleshops; Kizliar; The Schliemann gold, restitution; the 'Desiatka' - the VAZ-2110; new cinemas and new cinema; oligarchs; SU-37; Lukashenko: conflict with the opposition, union with Russia; new medicines; the murder of Dudaev, El´tsin visits Chechnia; tax returns; Sing at the Kremlin; mad cow disease; elections for the mayors of Moscow and St Petersburg; the internet, users and hackers; presidential elections; Korzhakov - Barsukov - Soskovets; El´tsin re-elected; cottages; The Threepenny Opera; Russians in the Baltic States; Bryntsalov and Dovgan´- "Russian capitalists"; Ivanushki-Interneshnl; the fall of Groznyi, Khasaviurt; El´tsin's illness and operation, "aortocoronary bypass"; explosion at the Kotliarevskoe cemetery; Chevrolet in Elabuga; the reconstruction of the Kremlin, new state power; the capture of the embassy in Peru; the Los del Rio band and their dance hit "Makarena"
42½ minutes
In Russian without subtitles

Region code All
Aspect ratio 2.33:1 Full screen
Languages No subtitles
Features Episode and chapter selection
Source Lizard

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