Call number: DVD-2927

Namedni. Nasha era 1961-2003. Entsiklopediia sovetskoi zhizni [Recently. Our Era 1961-2003. An Encyclopedia of Soviet Life]
Episodes for 1985-1988
Telekompaniia NTV, 2004
Director: Dzhanik Faiziev
Author and presenter: Leonid Parfenov
Script for these four episodes: Denis Gorelov, Iuliia Varentsova, Leonid Parfenov, Andrei Shilov
Music: Sergei Chekryzhov

The death of Chernenko; the battle of the Brussels football stadium and the fire in the Bradford football ground; the Lenin Monument of Oktiabr´skaia Square in Moscow; Sergei Bubka pole-vaults 6 metres; the battle against alcoholism; the attack on the painting of Danaë in the Hermitage; the first Soviet computers; Kasparov is World Chess Champion; The Strategic Defence Initiative - "Star Wars"; the Festival of Young People and Students in Moscow; the finding of the Titanic; the fashion for aerobics; the Old Arbat re-opened after restoration; Zhalgiris Kaunas basketball champions of the USSR; the AN-124 Ruslan aeroplane
34½ minutes
In Russian without subtitles

The New Year addresses of Reagan and Gorbachev to the Soviet and American peoples; the Admiral Nakhimov steamship disaster; Academician Sakharov returns from exile; the Fifth Congress of Film Makers; Commissar Cattani; "Modern Talking"; the Challenger crash; Brighton Beach; Academician Likhachev is made Hero of Socialist Labour; the Jurmala-86 song festival; the murder of Olof Palme; Gorbachev's trips around the country; Raisa Gorbacheva; The Goodwill Games; Haley's Comet; the American raids on Libya; the Soviet Culture Foundation
40½ minutes
In Russian without subtitles

Doctor Hyder; Burda Moden in Russian; state goods commission; prostitution; Margaret Thatcher in Moscow; the Pamiat´ society; Aleksandr Rozenbaum; the explusion of El´tsin from the Politbureau; the Nobel Prize for Iosif Brodskii; Mathias Rust in Red Square; limitchiki; the division of MKhAT; the cotton affair - the trial of Churbanov; the deaths of Mironov and Papanov; City Day in Moscow; TV bridges; 'Do i posle polunochi'; 'Vzgliad'; 'Prozhektor perestroiki'; the Oka and Tavriia cars; elections of directors; self-financing; individual employment; the film Pokaianie; the fashion for perestroika in the West; the prose of perestroika
50½ minutes
In Russian without subtitles

The films Assa, Malen´kaia Vera and Interdevochka; the conflict in Nagornyi Karabakh; the fire in the Library of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR; Nina Andreeva - 'I cannot dispense with my principles'; the XIX All Union Party Conference; AIDS in the USSR; the first beauty context; the Seoul Olympics; racketeering; the millennium of Christianity in Russia; national movements in the Baltic Republics; the Laskovyi mai group; the Ovechkin terrorists; earthquake in Armenia; Buran in space; Russian rock in stadiums
59½ minutes
In Russian without subtitles

Region code All
Aspect ratio 2.33:1 Full screen
Languages No subtitles
Features Episode and chapter selection
Source Lizard

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