Call number: DVD-2926

Namedni. Nasha era 1961-2003. Entsiklopediia sovetskoi zhizni [Recently. Our Era 1961-2003. An Encyclopedia of Soviet Life]

Episodes for 1981-1984
Telekompaniia NTV, 2004
Director: Dzhanik Faiziev
Author and presenter: Leonid Parfenov
Script for these four episodes: Denis Gorelov, Iuliia Varentsova, Leonid Parfenov, Andrei Shilov
Music: Sergei Chekryzhov

Martial Law in Poland; the Il-86 Airbus; the case of the Okean firm; hunger strike in Belfast; prices rises for petrol and vodka; the attacks on Reagan, Sadat and the Pope; Dynamo Tbilisi winner of the Cupwinners' Cup; Belmondo; Iunona i Avos´ at the Lenkom Theatre; Brezhnev is 75; introduction of summer time; Mitterrand as President of France; Mikhail Zhvanetskii; the electric samovar
44½ minutes
In Russian without subtitles

The Urengoi-Pomary-Uzhgorod gas pipeline; the death of Suslov; the food programme; the Rubik Cube; Chancellor Köhl; Sofiia Rotaru; Raimond Pauls; dog-fur hats; the events of the Falkland Islands; Soviet Adidas; the death of Brezhnev; the Lykovs - the "taiga dead-end"; Grettski-Maradona-Kasparov; the Israeli invasion of Lebanon; the second pan-USSR TV Channel; Soviet climbers on Everest
35 minutes
In Russian without subtitles

Iankovskii and Neelova - images of modernity; the Moskva supermarket; "Andropovka" vodka; mintai as the chief fish; the battle for discipline; confrontation with the USA; 'The Empire of Evil'; the anti-Zionist committee of Soviet public opinion; Samantha Smith; the shooting down of a Korean Boeing; Iurii Antonov; the Zemliane group; the accident on the Aleksandr Suvorov steamer; the Leningrad Rock-Club; the plasticine animations of Aleksandr Tatarskii; Zurab Tsereteli
46 minutes
In Russian without subtitles

The boycott of the Los Angeles Olympics; Viacheslav Polunin and the 'Litsedei'; the year with the greatest casualties in Afghanistan; school reform; Zhenia Kisin; sportswear; Michel Platini; VAZ-2108; Molotov is restored to the Party; lowering of the price of ivasi herring; the fashion for break dancing; the VM-12 video-player; the plan to turn round the Northern rivers; the death of Andropov; tornado in Ivanovo region; miners' strike in England; the film Liubov´ i golubi; the murder of Indira Ghandi
40 minutes
In Russian without subtitles

Region code All
Aspect ratio 2.33:1 Full screen
Languages No subtitles
Features Episode and chapter selection
Source Lizard

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