Call number: DVD-2922

Namedni. Nasha era 1961-2003. Entsiklopediia sovetskoi zhizni [Recently. Our Era 1961-2003. An Encyclopedia of Soviet Life]
Episodes for 1965-1968
Telekompaniia NTV, 2004
Director: Dzhanik Faiziev
Author and presenter: Leonid Parfenov
Script for these four episodes: Denis Gorelov, Elizaveta Listova, Leonid Parfenov, Maksim Sokolov
Music: Sergei Chekryzhov

Twenty years since the victory in World War Two; Pele at Luzhniki; the fast-cooking saucepan; Teachers' Day; war in Vietnam; Beatlemania; Mikhail Sholokhov wins the Nobel Prize; the Spidola radio; the Indo-Pakistani incident; Aleksei Leonov - the first man to walk in space; the footballer Eduard Strel´tsov
37½ minutes
In Russian without subtitles

'Cultural Revolution' in China; the Zaporozhets "with big ears" rather than the one "with a hump"; the trial of Siniavskii and Daniel´; De Gaulle in Moscow; the battle against hooliganism; the TV programme 'Kabachok 13 stul´ev'; the Raketa watch; the fashion for amber; direct air travel between the USSR and the USA
35 minutes
In Russian without subtitles

The Six-Day War; the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution; the five day working week; two years of army service instead of three; the Ostankino TV
Centre; colour television; the tomb of the Unknown Soldier; the death of the astronaut Komarov; the Sovremennik Theatre; Iraklii Andronikov; the Expo-67 Exhibition; Sergei Iurskii
42 minutes
In Russian without subtitles

The invasion of Czechoslovakia; the fiftieth anniversary of the Komsomol; the death of Gagarin; Prospekt Kalinina; the escalation of war in Vietnam; the village of Song Mi; anecdotes about Chapaev; the Moskvich 412; the TV programme 'V mire zhivotnykh'; Nikolai Slichenko
42 minutes
In Russian without subtitles

Region code All
Aspect ratio 2.33:1 Full screen
Languages No subtitles
Features Episode and chapter selection
Source Lizard

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