Call number: dvd-2712

Armenfil´m, sbornik 3 - 5 DVDs

This is DVD 5

Terpkii vinograd [Rough Vine]

Armenfil´m, 1973; released 30 August 1974
Screenplay: Ruben Ovsepian
Photography: Sergei Israelian
Production design: Rafael´ Babaian
Music: Robert Amirkhanian

Vago		Araik Isaakian (dubbed by S. Kharlap)
Old man		Vruir Panoian (dubbed by Konstantin Tyrtov)
Vardan		Sos Sarkisian (dubbed by Aleksandr Beliavskii)
Ovanes		Gurgen Dzhanibekian (dubbed by Ivan Ryzhov)
Saak 		Iakov Azizian (dubbed by E. Liskonog)
Elizaveta	Galina Novents (dubbed by K. Kozlenkova)
Sanam		Alla Tumanian (dubbed by L. Aleshnikova)
Stationmaster	Azat Sherents (dubbed by V. Shchelokov)
73 minutes
In Armenian or in Russian dubbed version

Region code All
Aspect ratio Standard
Languages Armenian and Russian versions
Features Restored version
Video film 'Panteon vospominanii', which is the memories of the actor Sos Sarkisian: film directed by Eprem Kazarian, 2008, 19 minutes, in Russian without subtitles
Album of photos 'Sos Sarkisian'
Source Ruscico

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