Call number: dvd-2649

Odinnadtsatyi [The Eleventh Year]

VUFKU, 1928
Author-leader: Dziga Vertov
Assistant: Elizaveta Svilova
Photography: Mikhail Kaufman
Film can be played silent or with Michael Nyman music
53 minutes
Russian titles with optional German and English subtitles


Im Schatten der Maschine. Ein Montagefilm [In the Shadow of the Machine. A Compilation Film]
Film-Kartell Weltfilm, Berlin, 1928; released 9 November 1928
Includes extracts from Dovzhenko's Zvenigora and Vertov's Odinnadtsatyi
A montage film by Albrecht Viktor Blum, Leon Lania
22 minutes
In German with optional English subtitles


Vertov in Blum. Eine Untersuchung. Vertov in Blum. An Investigation
Österreichisches Filmmuseum, Vienna, 2009
Concept and realisation: Adelheid Heftberger, Michael Loebenstein, Georg Wasner
Editors: Michael Loebenstein, Georg Wasner
Narrators: Georg Wasner (German), Kellie Rife (English)
With the collaboration of: Aleksandr Deriabin, Lev Manovich, Dalibor Mitrovic, Thomas Tode, Maiia Zakhar´eva, Matthias Zeppelzauer
14 minutes
In German or in English

Region code 0
Aspect ratio 1.33:1
Languages Optional English and German subtitles on Odinnadtsatyi
Optional English subtitles on Im Schatten der Maschine
Features Booklet
Odinnadtsatyi can be played silent or with Michael Nyman music
Source Österreichisches Filmmuseum, Vienna

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