Call number: dvd-2633

Kosmicheskii reis [The Cosmic Flight]

Mosfil´m, 1935; released 21 January 1936
Screenplay: Aleksandr Filippov
Photography: Aleksandr Gal´perin
Production design: A. Utkin, M. Tiunov, Iu. Shvets
Music arranged by: Valerii Kruchinin
Consultant: Konstantin Tsiolkovskii
Academician Sedykh		Sergei Komarov
Professor Karin			Vasilii Kovrigin
Viktor Orlov, a postgraduate	Nikolai Feoktistov
Andriusha, his brother		V. Gaponenko
Marina, a postgraduate		Kseniia Moskalenko
With:				Sergei Stoliarov
65 minutes
In Russian without subtitles


Luch smerti [Death Ray]

Goskino (Pervaia fabrika), 1925; released 16 April 1925
Screenplay: Vsevolod Pudovkin
Photography: Aleksandr Levitskii
Production design: Vsevolod Pudovkin, Vasilii Rakhal´s
Assistants to the director: Aleksandra Khokhlova, Vsevolod Pudovkin, Sergei Komarov, Leonid Obolenskii

Podobed, an engineer and inventor		Porfirii Podobed
Pater Revo, a fascist				Vsevolod Pudovkin
Tomas Lann, a worker, leader of the rebellion   Sergei Komarov
Fog, a fascist					Vladimir Fogel´
Rifle-woman AND Sister Edith			Aleksandra Khokhlova
Freddy, Edith's son				S. Khokhlov
Stoker's daughter				N. Stravinskaia
Rapp, an electrical engineer			Andrei Gorchilin
His wife					Anna Chekulaeva
Shura, Podobed's assistant			L. Strabinskaia
Ruller, the factory owner AND Circus director   Petr Galadzhev
Ruller's nephew, the factory manager		Viktor Pil´shchikov
Major Hard, head of the fascists		Leonid Obolenskii
76 minutes
Russian titles, no subtitles, silent, with no added music score

Region code 5
Aspect ratio 4:3
Languages No subtitles
Features 'Informatsiia' is about the actor Leonid Obolenskii, text, in Russian only
Source Vostok Video, Entsiklopediia Mastera Kino

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