Call number: dvd-2630

WOLF, Konrad
Ich war neunzehn [I was Nineteen]

DEFA, Studio für Spielfilme, 1968
Screenplay: Wolfgang Kohlhaase, Konrad Wolf
Photography: Werner Bergmann
Production Design: Alfred Hirschmeier
Gregor Hecker 		Jaecki Schwarz	  	
Wadim			Vasilii Livanov	 	
Sascha			Aleksei Eibozhenko	 	
Russian girl		Galina Pol´skikh	 	
Stage Major		Rolf Hoppe	 	
Landscaper		Wolfgang Greese	 	
Willi Lommer		Dieter Mann	 	
German girl		Jenny Gröllmann	 	
Dsingis			Kalmursa Rakhmanov	 	
Sergeant Major		Anatolii Solov´lev	 	
Fortress Commander	Johannes Wieke
115 minutes
In German and Russian with optional English subtitles

Region code 2
Aspect ratio
Languages Optional English subtitles
Features Introductory essay: 'Coming home to an unknown homeland. Konad Wolf's autobigraphical film', text, in English
Newsreel: 'Premiere of I Was Nineteen at the Cinema International in Berlin, 1968', 1 minute, in German with English subtitles
Newsreel: Interview with the actor Jaecki Schwarz, 1968, 3 minutes, in German with English subtitles
Set design gallery
Biographies and filmographies of the director, Konrad Wolf, the production designer, Alfred Hirschmeier and the actors Jaecki Schwarz and Jenny Gröllmann
Source Icestorm; DEFA Film Library, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, First Run Features

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