Call number: dvd-2628

PABST, Georg Wilhelm
Die Liebe der Jeanne Ney [The Love of Jeanne Ney]

UFA, 1927
Screenplay: Ladislaus Vajda, Rudolf Leonhardt, from the novel by Il´ia Erenburg
Photography: Fritz Arno Wagner, Robert Lach
Production Design: Otto Hunte, Victor Trivas
Music: Timothy Brock (1992)
Jeanne Ney 		Édith Jéhanne	  	
Andreas Labov		Uno Henning	 	
Khalibiev 		Fritz Rasp	 	
Gabrielle		Brigitte Helm	 	
Raymond Ney		Adolf Edgar Licho	 	
André Ney		Eugen Jensen	 	
Poitras			Hans Jaray	 	
Gaston 			Siegfried Arno
Margot			Mertha von Walther	 	
Zacharkiewicz		Vladimir Sokoloff
105 minutes
English intertitles only

Region code
Aspect ratio Full-frame 133:1
Languages English intertitles
Features Chapter selection
Source Kino

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