Call number: dvd-2627

Das Kaninchen bin ich [The Rabbit is Me]

DEFA, 1965; released 1990
Producer: Martin Sonnabend
Screenplay: Manfred Bieler, from the novel by Maria Morzeck
Photography: Erich Gusko
Production Design: Alfred Thomalla
Music: Reiner Bredemeyer, Gerhard Rosenfeld
Maria Morzeck 		Angelika Waller	 	
Paul Deister		Alfred Müller	 	
Aunt Hete		Ilse Voigt	 	
Dieter Morzeck 		Wolfgang Winkler	 	
Paul's wife, Gabriele	Irma Münch	 
Grambow			Rudolf Ulrich
Bürgermeister		Helmut Esper
Ulli			Willi Shcrade	
Oskar 			Willi Narloch
109 minutes
In German with optional Engish subtitles

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Languages Menu languages: German and English
Optional English subtitles
Features Biographies and filmographies for the director, Kurt Maetzig and the actors Angelika Waller and Alfred Müller
From the series Zeitzeugengespräche: interview with the director, Kurt Maetzig about the explosive political situation in 1965 and the banning of the film, 1999, 22 minutes, in German with optional Engish subtitles
Hans Bentzien, GDR Minister of Culture 1961-1965, talks in 1993 about the background, the results and the effects of the 11th General Assembly, December
1965, 14 minutes, in German with optional Engish subtitles
'Banned: DEFA film and the 11th General Assembly', 2005, 13 minutes, in English
Essay: The Rabbit is Me and the banned films of 1965-1966, text, in English
Picture gallery
Source Icestorm; DEFA Film Library, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

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