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KUNERT, Joachim
Die Abenteuer des Werner Holt [The Adventures of Werner Holt]

DEFA, Studio für Spielfilme, Gruppe der Roter Kreis, 1964
Screenplay: Claus Küchenmeister, Joachim Kunert, from the novel by Dieter Noll
Photography: Rolf Sohre
Production design: Gerhard Helwig
Music: Gerhard Wohlgemuth
Werner Holt 		Klaus-Peter Thiele	 	
Gilbert Wolzow		Manfred Karge	 	
Sepp Gomulka		Arno Wyzniewski	 	
Uta Barnim		Angelica Domröse	 	
Christian Vetter	Günter Junghans	 	
Gundel			Monika Woytowicz	 	
Peter Wiese		Peter Reusse	 	
Werner's father, 
Professor Holt		Wolfgang Langhoff	 	
Milena			Karla Chadimová	 	
Marie Krüger		Dietlinde Greiff	 	
Major General Wolzow	Wolf Kaiser	 	
Frau Wolzow		Erika Pelikowsky	 	
Sepp's father, 
the lawyer Gomulka	Martin Flörchinger	 	
Mother Gomulka		Helga Göring	 	 
Frau Wiese 		Ingeborg Ottmann
158 minutes
In German with optional English subtitles

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Languages Optional English subtitles
Features Biographies and filmographies for the director, Joachim Kunert, the director of photography, Rolf Sohre, and the actors Klaus-Peter Thiele and Manfred Karge|
Short film in which the cinematographer, Rolf Sohre remembers the production of the film, 2002, 9½ minutes, in German with optional English subtitles
Source Icestorm; DEFA Film Library, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

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