Call number: dvd-2624

Das Beil von Wandsbek [The Axe of Wandsbek]

DEFA, 1951
Screenplay: Hans Robert Bortfeld, Falk Harnack, based on a script by Wolfgang Staudte and Werner Jörg Lüddecke, from the novel by Arnold Zweig
Photography: Robert Baberske
Production design: Erich Zander, Karl Schneider
Music: Ernst Roters
Albert Teetjen			Erwin Geschonneck		
Stine Teetjen			Käthe Braun	 	
Dr Käthe Neumeier		Gefion Helmke	 	
SS Colonel Hans Peter Footh	Willy A. Kleinau	 	
Annette Koldewy			Ursula Meissner	 	
Dr Koldewey 			Arthur Schroeder
SA-Lieutenant Trowe		Claus Holm	 	
Siegfried Mengers		Fritz Wisten	 	
Frau Lehmke			Maly Delschaft	 	
Colonel Lintze			Helmuth Hinzelmann	 	
Frau Lintze			Blandine Ebinger	 	
Working woman			Gisela May
107 minutes
In German with English subtitles

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Languages English subtitles
Features Biographies and filmographies for the director, Falk Harnack, the writer, Arnold Zweig and the actors Erwin Geschonneck and Käthe Braun
'Falk Harnack. A Stubborn German Conscience', An interview with Anne Nelson, the author of Red Orchestra, 2009, 31 minutes, in English
And, in the DVD-Rom drive of a computer as pdf files:
Käthe Braun, interview about Falk Harnack
'The Axe Affair', an essay by Deobrah Vietor-Engländer
Postcript: a letter to the author, Arnold Zweig
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Source Icestorm; DEFA Film Library, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, First Run Features

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