Call number: DVD-2579

Gangstery v okeane [Gangsters in the Ocean]

Tsentral´naia kinostudiia detskikh i iunosheskikh fil´mov imeni M Gor´kogo, Amerikano-sovetskaia kinoinitsiativa, with the participation of the Hong Joong Corporation, Korea, 1992; released November 1992
Screenplay: Aleksandr Lapshin, Stepan Puchinian
Photography: Gasan Tutunov
Production design: Savet Agoian
Music: Andrei Gevorgian
Gennadii Ivanovich, First Mate of the Bolt 		Aleksandr Mikhailov
Boatswain						Lev Durov
Sobakin							Leonid Kuravlev	
Anna Grigor´evna, the ship's doctor			Anna Samokhina
Captain Stuart Donald					Peteris Gaudins
Captain of the Berdiansk				Armen Dzhigarkhanian
Wilkie, the American radio operator on the Nevada	Sergei Krylov
Dustin							Dimash Akhimov
Gurgen Sarkisovich					Ovik Vanian
With: Laimonas Noreika, Ovik Vanian, Stepan Puchinian, Oleg Li, Grigorii Dunaev, Iurii Katin-Iartsev
127 minutes
In Russian without subtitles

Region code All
Aspect ratio 4:3
Languages No subtitles
Features Interview with the scriptwriter and director Stepan Puchinian, 16 minutes, in Russian without subtitles
Biographies and filmographies for the director, Stepan Puchinian, the scriptwriter, Aleksandr Lapshin, the director of photography, Gasan Tutunov, the production designer, Savet Agoian, the composer, Andrei Gevorgian and the actors Anna Samokhina, Aleksandr Mikhailov, Lev Durov, Armen Dzhigarkhanian and Leonid Kuravlev
Album of photos 'Armen Dzhigarkhanian'
Source Ruscico

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