Call number: DVD-2423

STAREWICZ, Władysław
Les Contes de l'horloge magique [The Tales of the Magic Clock]

Forum des images, Léona-Béatrice Martin-Starewicz, Gebeka Films, 2003
This is a colourised version of three of Starewicz's films of the 1920s, with additional scenes directed by Jean Rubak
Script: Xavier Kawa-Topor, Jean Rubak
Music: Jean-Marie Sénia
Graphic treatment of the original films: Jean Rubak

The three original films included are:
La petite chanteuse des rues [The Little Street Singer], 1924
La petite parade [The Little Parade], 1928
L'horloge magique ou La petite fille qui voulait être princesse [The Magic Clock, or the Little Girl who Wanted to be a Princess], 1928

Total running time: 61 minutes
In French without subtitles

Region code 2
Aspect ratio 4:3
Languages No subtitles
Features Chapter selection
Source Editions Montparnasse

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