Call number: DVD-2412

Communism: the Great Belief of the 20th Century:

This consists of:

La Foi du Siècle [Faith of the Century. A History of Communism]
KUIV Productions, La Sept ARTE, Arkeion Films, 1999
Director: Patrick Barbéris
Producer: Michel Rotman
Executive producer for KUIV Productions: Marie Hélène Ranc
Script: Patrick Rotman
Music: Marc Perrone
Narrator: Lemmy Constantine
Part 1: 1917-1928 - L'utopie au pouvoir [Utopia in Power]
Part 2: 1929-1939 - Le Communisme et Son Double [Communism: The Two Faces]
Part 3: 1940-1953: L'Apogée [The Peak Years]
Part 4: 1954-1993: Une Fin sans Fins [End Without End]

250 minutes
In English


The Great Days of the Century. October 23.1956. Budapest. Communism with Tanks
Vision 7, Cinémathèque Gaumont, 1986
Associate Producer: Jean-Paul Thoma
Directors: Jean-Claue Dassier, Gilles Delannou
Commentary: Jean-Claude Dassier
Music: Robert Vigier

51 minutes
In English

Double-sided disc: Side 1 contains Parts 1 and 2 of La Foi du Siècle and The Great Days of the Century. October 23.1956. Budapest. Side B contains Parts 3 and 4 of La Foi du Siècle

Region code All
Aspect ratio
Languages No subtitles
Features (On Side A): Propaganda posters; World Communism (text, in English); Alternate viewpoints (text, in English)
Source Quantum Leap, Arte Video

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