Call number: DVD-2339


Coproduction Office presents a Proton Cinema, Essential Filmproduktion, Filmpartners production, 2008
Producers: Viktória Petrányi, Susanne Marian, Philippe Bober
Co-producers: Gábor Kovács, Ági Pataki
Co-producer for TV2: András Poós
Screenplay: Yvette Bír, Kornél Mundruczó
Photography: Mátyás Erdély
Production Design: Márton Ágh
Music: Félix Lajkó
Mihail 			Félix Lajkó		
Fauna 			Orsi Tóth		
Mother			Lili Monori		
Mother's lover		Sándor Gáspár
92 minutes
In Hungarian with English subtitles

Region code 2
Aspect ratio 16:9
Languages English subtitles
Features Chapter selection
Source ICA Films

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