Call number: DVD-2258

KROMANOV, Grigorii
Posledniaia relikviia [The Last Relic]

Tallinfil´m, 1969; released 4 January 1971
Screenplay: Arvo Valton, based on Eduard Born's story 'Prince Gabriel'
Photography: Iurii Garshnek
Production Design: Rein Raamat
Music: Uno Naissoo, Tõnu Naissoo
Song lyrics: Paul-Erik Rummo
Gabriel			Aleksandr Goloborod´ko
Agnes			Ingrid Andrina, dubbed by G. Komarova
Abbess			Elze Radzinia, dubbed by N. NIkitina
Brother Johannes	Rolan Bykov
Ursula			Eeve Kivi, dubbed by E. Nekrasova
Siim			Uldis Vazdiks, dubbed by E. Bredun
Hans von Risbiter	Raivo Trass, dubbed by Oleg Golubitskii
Ivo			Peeter Jakoby, dubbed by Iurii Bogoliubov
Head of Rebels 		K. Kalkun, dubbed by N. Grabbe
86 minutes
In Russian or Estonian with optional Russian subtitles

Region code All
Aspect ratio Standard
Languages In Russian or Estonian with optional Russian subtitles
Features Chapter selection
Source Ruscico

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