Call number: DVD-199

No Man's Land

Noé Productions, in co-production with Fabrica Cinema, Italy; Man's Films, Belgium; and with Counihan Villiers Productions, UK; Studio Maj / Casablanca, Slovenia, 2001
Producers: Frédérique Dumas, Zajdela, Marc Baschet, Cedomir Kolar
Co-producers: Marco Müller, Marion Hänsel, Cat Villiers, Judy Counihan, Dunja Klemenc, Igor Pedicek
Screenplay and dialogue: Danis Tanovic
Photography: Walther Vanden Ende
Music: Danis Tanovic

Chiki				Branko Djuric
Nino				Rene Bitorajac
Cera				Filip Sovagovic
Marchant			Georges Siatidis
Captain Dubois			Serge-Henri Valcke
Michel				Sacha Kremer
Pierre				Alain Eloy
Old Serbian soldier		Mustafa Nadarevic
Serbian Officer			Bogdan Diklic
Colonel Soft			Simon Callow
Jane Livingstone		Katrin Cartlidge
Martha				Tanja Ribic
Bomb disposal expert		Branko Zavrsan
Bosnian guide			Djuro Utjesanovic
Boy with accordion		Matej Bizjak

93 minutes
In Bosnian, Serbian and English with English subtitles

Region code 2
Aspect ratio 2.35:1 aspect ratio Widescreen version 16:9 Anamorphic
Languages English subtitles
Features Optional additional English subtitles for the hard of hearing
Source Momentum Pictures

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