Call number: DVD-1983

IVANOV, Aleksandr
Synov´ia [Sons]

Lenfil´m and Rizhskaia kinostudiia, 1946; released 31 May 1946
Screenplay: Fedor Knorre
Photography: Vladimir Rapoport
Production design: Moisei Levin
Music: Venedikt Pushkov
Song lyrics: Andrei Apsolon
Poems: Rainis
Janis				          Oleg Zhakov
Janis's father			          Ivan Savel´ev
Janis's mother			          Mariia Domasheva
Ilga, Janis's wife		          Lidiia Smirnova
Waldemar, Janis's brother	          Nikodim Gippius
Miller				          Vasilii Vanin
Milda, the miller's daughter	          A. Petukhova
Müller, the owner of the car repair works Arkadii Tsinman
Karlis, a car mechanic		          Vasilii Merkur´ev
Kristina, Karlis's wife		          Lidiia Sukharevskaia
Car mechanic			          Andrei Apsolon
Andys				          Pavel Shtraus
Artur					  Zhanis Katlans
Commander of the partisan brigade	  Gennadii Michurin
Obersturmführer von Grabbe		  Vitalii Politsemaiko
First Lieutenant Brenner		  Grigorii Shpigel´
Rotter				          Iu. Ototskii
89 minutes
In Russian without subtitles

Region code 5
Aspect ratio 4:3
Languages No subtitles
Features Chapter selection
Source Magnat

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