Call number: DVD-1928

Zapozdavshaia prem´era [A Belated Premiere]

A film about Aleksandr Shiriaev
Kinokompaniia Miris, 2003
Director: Viktor Bocharov
Producer: Viktor Bocharov
Author: Viktor Bocharov
Photography: Inna Tiktinskaia
Production design: Iurii Solov´ev
Music: Sergei Banevich
Consultant: Inna Gensler
Narrators of Russian version: Valentina Panina, Ivan Krasko
Narrators of English version: Christopher Hamilton, Jennifer Gaspar

60 minutes
In Russian or in English

The film contains a complete version of Shiriaev's 1909 animated film Shutka Arlekina [Harlequin's Jest], 17 minutes, with Russian or English titles

Region code All
Aspect ratio
Languages Russian and English versions
Features Contains Shiriaev's 1909 animated film Shutka Arlekina, see above
Source Kinokompaniia Miris

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