Call number: DVD-1927

Jud Süss [Jew Suess]

Terra Filmkunst, 1940
Screenplay: Veit Harlan, Wolfgang Eberhard Möller, Ludwig Metzger from sources by Lion Feuchtwanger, J.R. George and Wilhelm Hauff
Photography: Bruno Mondi
Production Design: Otto Hunte, Karl Vollbrecht
Music: Wolfgang Zeller
Joseph Süss Oppenheimer				Ferdinand Marian
Rabbi Loew / Levy, Oppenheimer's secretary	Werner Krauss	 	
Karl Alexander, Duke of Württemberg		Heinrich George	 	
Dorothea Sturm (Faber)				Kristina Söderbaum	 	
Chairman of the Council Sturm			Eugen Klöpfer	 	
Duchess of Württemberg				Hilde von Stolz	 	
The secretary, Faber				Malte Jäger	 	
Colonel Röder					Albert Florath	 	
Von Remchingen					Theodor Loos	 	
Herr Fiebelkorn					Walter Werner	 	
Frau Fiebelkorn					Charlotte Schultz	 	
Mina Fiebelkorn					Anny Seitz	 	
Wife of Council Adviser				Erna Morena	 	
Council Adviser					Jakob Tiedtke	 	
Luziana						Else Elster	 	
The blacksmith Hans Bogner			Emil Hess	 	
Prima ballerina					Ursula Deinert	 	
Master Blacksmith				Erich Dunskus	 	
Herr von Neuffer				Heinrich Schroth
95 minutes
In German and Yiddish with optional English, French and Italian subtitles

Region code 0
Aspect ratio Full frame 4:3
Languages Optional English, French and Italian subtitles
Features Digitally Restored from Original 35mm Film Elements using state of the art daVinci RevivalTM Technology by I-Cubed Chicago
Video Commentary by Eric Rentschler, 16 minutes, in English
Historical Background Slide Show: 'The Life and Trials of Joseph Süss Oppenheimer' by John Abbott (35 slides)
Original Promotional Materials and Posters Slide Show (20 slides)
Film restoration examples
Illustrated 22 page Essay Booklet by David Culbert
Source International Historic Films

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