Call number: DVD-1902

World War Two behind Closed Doors. Stalin, The Nazis and the West

A BBC / KCET Hollywood co-production, 2008
Director of the documentary: Laurence Rees
Director of the drama episodes: Andrew Williams
Producer: Laurence Rees
Associate producers: Simon Baker, Michaela Liechtenstein
Script: Laurence Rees
Photography: Martin Patmore, Jacek Petrycki, Krzysztof Gołąbek, Sergei Astakhov
Production Design: Ewa Skoczkowska
Music: Alasdair Reed
Narrator: Samuel West
Stalin			Aleksei Petrenko
Roosevelt		Bob Gunton
Churchill		Paul Humpoletz
Viacheslav Molotov	Valerii Zhakov
Harry Truman		Richard Aleman
Joachim von Ribbentrop	Alexander Held
346 minutes
In English, German, Polish and Russian with English subtitles

On 2 DVDs

This is DVD 1, containing episodes 1-3, 58 + 57½ + 56½ = 172 minutes

Region code 2, 4
Aspect ratio 16:9
Languages Optional English subtitles for the hard of hearing
Features Episode and chapter selection
Source BBC Worldwide, 2 entertain

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