Call number: DVD-1895

Chelovek s kinoapparatom [The Man with the Movie Camera]

VUFKU, Kiev, 1928; released, Kiev, 8 January 1929; Moscow, 9 April 1929
Opyt kino-peredachi zritel´nykh iavlenii bez pomoshchi stsenariia (fil´ma bez stsenariia); bez pomoshchi teatra (fil´ma bez akterov, dekoratsii i t.d.)
[The present film is an experiment in the cinematic transmission of visible phenomena.
Without the Help of Intertitles (A Film Without Intertitles).
Without the Help of a Script (A Film Without a Script).
Without the Help of the Theatre (A Film Without Actors, Sets etc.)]
Author and leader of the experiment: Dziga Vertov
Assistant editor: Elizaveta Svilova
Photography: Mikhail Kaufman

67 minutes
Silent and without intertitles, but with added music track

Region code 2
Aspect ratio 1.33:1
Languages Silent with added music track
Features Remastered and restored
Fully uncompressed PCM stero audio
This DVD edition contains a specially written score by Michael Nyman
Two posters designed for the film by the Stenberg Brothers
Michael Nyman biography
Dziga Vertov biography
Source British Film Institute

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