Call number: DVD-175

Zaveshchanie professora Douelia [Professor Dowell's Testament]

Lenfil´m, Vtoroe tvorcheskoe ob´´edinenie, 1984; released 6 August 1984
Screenplay Leonid Menaker, Igor´ Vinogradskii, from Aleksandr Beliaev's novel Golova professora Douelia
Photography Vladimir Kozel´
Music Sergei Banevich

Dowell 				Ol´gert Kroders
Kron				Igor´ Vasil´ev
Loran				Valentina Titova
Anzhelika, Monika, Eva		Nataliia Saiko
Artur				Aleksei Bobrov
Baxter				Nikolai Lavrov
Gould				Aleksandr Porokhovshchikov
Richardson			Ernst Romanov
Willy				Boris Tsymba
86 minutes
In Russian with optional dubbed versions or subtitles

Region code All
Aspect ratio Standard
Languages Menu languages: Russian, English and French
Optional French and English dubbed versions.
Optional subtitles in Russian, English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Japanese and Hebrew.
Features 'Ruscico' leads to 'Archive Ruscico', which leads to a Photoalbum of scenes from the film and Filmographies of the director, Leonid Menaker, the director of photography, Vladimir Kovzel´, the composer, Sergei Banevich, and the actors Ol´gert Kroders, Natal´ia Saiko, Valentina Titova and Igor´ Vasil´ev.
Original 1984 trailer.
Source Ruscico

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