Call number: DVD-1692

The Films of Sergei Paradjanov:

On 4 DVDs


Tsvet granata [The Colour of Pomegranates] (Nran Gouyne/Sayat Nova)

Armenfil´m, 1969; released 29 August 1970
Screenplay by Sergei Paradzhanov, with extracts from the poetry of Sayat Nova
Photography: S. Shakhbazian
Production design: M. Arakelian
Music: T. Mansurian
Pantomimes staged by Sergei Paradzhanov

The young poet /
the poet's beloved /
the poet's muse /
the nun with the white lace /
the angel of resurrection /
the pantomime Sofiko Chiaureli The poet as a child M. Alekian The poet as a monk V. Galstian The poet as an old man G. Gegechkori The Prince O. Minasian The poet's father S. Bagashvili
78 minutes
Armenian text and titles, English subtitles


Akop Ovnatanian [Hagop Hovnatanian]

Erevanskaia studiia khronikal´no-dokumental´nykh fil´mov, 1965
Script: Sergei Paradzhanov
Photography: K. Mesian
Music: Stepan Shakarian

10 minutes
Russian titles, no subtitles


Paradjanov 1924-1990 [Paradjanov. A Requiem]

Kino Productions, 1994
Producers: Ö-Film, Frank Löprich, Katrin Shlösser
Script: Ron Holloway
Photography: Thomas Schwan
Editors: Monika Schindler, Walter Vögolo
Music: Urmuli Folklore

59 minutes
In Russian with English subtitles

Region code 5
Aspect ratio 1.33:1
Languages English subtitles on the feature and on Paradjanov 1924-1990
Features Film and chapter selecttion
Source Kino

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