Call number: DVD-1623

Natalka Poltavka

Ukrainfil´m, 1936; released 15 November 1936
Screenplay Ivan Kavaleridze, from the play by Ivan Kotliarevskii and the opera of the same name by N. Lysenko
Photography G. Khimchenko, F. Kornev
Production design M. Simashkevich, Iu. Maier
Music V. Iorishch
Natalka			Ekaterina Osmialovskaia, sung by M. Litvinenko-Vol´gemut
Vybornyi		Ivan Patorzhinskii
Voznyi			Grigorii Man´ko
Petro			M. Platonov
Terpelikha		Iuliia Shestakovskaia
Mikola			Stepan Shkurat
72 minutes
In Ukrainian with Russian subtitles

Region code 5
Aspect ratio 4:3
Languages Russian subtitles
Features Chapter selection
Source Magnat

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