Call number: DVD-1581

Ia sluzhil v apparate Stalina, ili Pesni oligarkhov [I Worked For Stalin, or The Songs of the Oligarchs]
A film about the lives and relationships of members of Stalin's Politbureau, especially Georgii Malenkov and Andrei Zhdanov
Studiia Golos, FCL, Kinoassotsiatsiia Lenfil´m, 1990
Screenplay Pavel Finn, Semen Aranovich
Photography Lev Kolganov, Vadim Il´in, Liudmila Krasnova
Production design Vladimir Solov´ev, Viktor Okovityi
Music Aleksandr Knaifel´
The song 'Nochen´ka', recorded in 1940 in Kliment Voroshilov's dacha
With the participation of: Dmitrii Nikolaevich Sukhanov, Marfa Sukhanova (his wife), Andrei Malenkov (the son of Georgii Malenkov), Iurii Zhdanov (the son of Andrei Zhdanov) and Zinaida Zhdanova (the widow of Andrei Zhdanov)

67 minutes
In Russian with English subtitles

Region code All
Aspect ratio
Languages English subtitles
Features Chapter selection
Source Facets video

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