Call number: DVD-1579

History Undercover. Yanks for Stalin

A&E Television Networks, Aba Media for The History Channel, 1999
A film about the relationships with the Soviet Union of Armand Hammer, Henry Ford, Victor Reuther, Walter Reuther and John Scott
Producer J. Mitchell Johnson
International producer Gábor Beszterczey
Russian producer Igor´ Grigor´ev
Director J. Mitchell Johnson
Script Gábor Beszterczey
Photography Igor´ Klebanov
Music Jay Upchurch
Presenter Arthur Kent
With the participation of: Stephen Kotkin, Sergei Kapitsa, Vladimir Pozner, Abel´ Aganbegian, Sergei D´iakonov, Fedor Chinchenko, Aleksandr Luzneoi, Mariia Scott

46 minutes
In English

Region code
Aspect ratio
Languages No subtitles
Features Chapter selection
Source The History Channel

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